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Arkansas Vision Development Center offers the care of a team of doctors, working together to provide you the highest quality eye care. As optometric physicians, the AVDC doctors provide area residents with comprehensive eye care and vision therapy solutions for both adults and children. The AVDC team is specially trained to treat a variety of vision related conditions using complete vision therapy services designed to restore and improve visual function.

Dr. Wanda Vaughn is a Board Certified Fellow in Vision Development (F.C.O.V.D). She is a member of the American Optometric Association and Arkansas Optometric Association. Dr. Vaughn is currently Chair of the Arkansas Optometric Intra-Professional Committee and Chair of the Arkansas Optometric Infant See Committee. She also serves as a committee member on many other boards within the state of Arkansas.

Dr. Katherine Ramey is the associate doctor at Arkansas Vision Development Center. She is a Board Certified Optometric Physician  and residency trained in Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation and Pediatric Optometry.  Dr. K is currently pursuing her Fellowship in the College of Vision Development. 

Dr. Vaughn is experienced in the most advanced vision therapy techniques available, and regularly attends continuing education courses and seminars in order to offer patients the highest quality vision services possible. Whether you are experiencing double vision or other vision related conditions, Dr. Vaughn will use her knowledge and experience to design a treatment plan designed just for you.

When you call to make an appointment at AVDC, you will first receive a comprehensive eye health and vision evaluation to determine if vision therapy would be of benefit to you. You may be recommended for further in depth testing and evaluation to determine the extent of your visual problems. Once your testing has been completed and your results have been evaluated by a doctor, a treatment plan will be developed and a team of therapist will work one on one with you to discuss vision therapy exercises that can be completed both in-office and at home. These exercises are designed to help develop the visual skills necessary for proper visual function and to assist the visual system to process visual information more effectively. With regular vision therapy, many patients have noticed a dramatic or significant increase in visual efficiency.

Vision is one of the most precious senses we have, and living life with impaired vision is difficult and often frustrating. Eighty percent of how we learn is through the visual system. If you have been diagnosed with a vision limiting condition, or are experiencing blurred or double vision, contact us for an appointment to have a complete vision and eye health evaluation. Even if you've been told in the past that there's nothing you can do about your vision problems, or that you will have to "live with" your impaired vision, we may be able to help using the most advanced and up-to-date vision therapy techniques and vision services available.

Arkansas Vision Development Center in Fort Smith is one of a very limited number of sites nationally to provide a residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation and Pediatric Optometry. It is the only residency site of its kind in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas Vision Development Center is honored to have a resident doctor on staff and looks forward to providing advanced and superior optometric care to our patients.

Facilities that are selected to become residency sites are advanced in their knowledge and clinical experience within a particular field. Patients that are provided care at a residency site have the advantage of having more than one doctor in the co-management of their care.

During your visit here, you may have the opportunity to directly work with Dr. Vaughn, Dr. K, or our resident doctor.

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